Tim's music videos

I had a blast singing "Green River"

by CCR. Such a cool groove.

Gotta love those guitars.

"You Can Do Anything" - 2018

I don't know if I had more fun composing the tracks or putting the video together! Check out the ending, with crunch guitars, organ, bells, and two lead guitars, all going at it together! Life is great!

"We Won't Get Fooled Again" - 2017

I had a blast remaking this EDM version of a classic rock tune.

"Peace in The Sahara" - 2018

Inspired by Syrian woman voice samples, used Eastern tonal scale.

Yes, the "New World Order", along with Lucifer at the head, is all conspiracy FACT, not theory. So we might as well have some fun with it. This is a funny and sobering production, all in one!

"Summer Joy" - 2017

Sometimes the fingers just have to fly on their own. So I cut them lose and this improv resulted.

"Crazy, Beautiful Dream" - 2017

Another improv with some cool imagery. And all the MIDI notes played into music software.

"His Still, Small Voice" - 2017

My first try composing a children's piece was adopted by LDS Church for Primary (children's organization) singing time (30k congregations worldwide).

"I Need Thee Every Hour" - 2018

Hymn arrangement

"Morning Meditation" - 2017

Piano and waves. Can't beat that combo for pure relaxation. Ahhhh!

"You've God a Friend" - 2017

I played Carole King's piano in, note for note, exaclty as she played in 1971. A nice spin on a the well-loved original.

"Ever Upward" - 2018

Written in 1978, this was the "Mission Song" for LDS missionaries in New England for 17 years.

"My Savior" - 2018

Written by Hayley Hammarstrom, I did the orchestration and video editing.

"I Love Yosemite" - 2016

Peaceful tracks for a beautiful place.

"When Springtime Comes" - 2017

A nice, nature feel-good video.