What I, Tim Wilson, Do

Videography / Video Editing

As a pro photographer for 30+ years, I know how to fill the frame properly. My intuitive editing keeps things moving at just the right pace. Top quality voice audio, music and sound effects, and well-placed graphics, result in first-rate videos.

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Write / Edit Copy

Having published a book, I know about good editing, how to make words work. This comes in handy for video script writing and editing for a teleprompter.

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Design Logos / Graphics

A good logo can cost $250 to $1k or more. I charge $99. I created a logo in 1984, free for a sandwich shop (to sell them my coupon ads). That logo has been printed on millions of sandwich bags since 1984, and now it's a huge store sign!

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Compose / Record / Mix Music

I've been plucking out nice little melodies on the piano since age five. I love orchestration, jazz piano, funky tunes, classic rock, pipe organ, you name it. I even sing on a few tracks.  Your video mood music tracks are always spot on.

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Fine Art Prints from Photos

I turn my best photos into 20" x 30" Fine Art Prints. Taken from 1976 to present day, these are photo-processed prints, ready for mat and framing. Hand-signed, limited edition of 100 prints per piece.

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